No matter the size, from smaller commercial rooftop installations to large utility scale assets, the team at Energybit brings deep technical, design and operational expertise to help our clients manage their investments profitably, efficiently and transparently.

Four Step Process.

The Energybit team consists of people with extensive experience in the sector. We truly understand the core problems of our clients. We have developed a simple four step process in order to provide comprehensive, fully transparent, customisable solutions with minimum disruption to clients’ operations. 

All our solutions can work both independently or alongside the existing asset management / O&M teams and contractors, giving them greater insight on the assets and providing key information to prompt actions.

Bridging the Gap.

Energybit has identified major Information Gaps and data flow disruptions. In the current linear management moldel, asset owners lack full control of the system data and information. Multiple service providers have access to fragments of data, providing only a partial picture of asset operations. Once data has been used, it is filed or under-utilised without being integrated in a full data management system that could provide a consistent historic overview of the performance and health of the assets. 

In contrast to this, the level of complexity, with a variety of stakeholders (PPA providers, power Off-takers, Grid Operators, financiers, etc) has significantly increased. At Energybit we bridge the gaps and minimise the data flow disruptions by engineering solutions which provide a complete picture and a holistic data-driven intelligent management approach to any renewable energy generating plant.

How we are going to deliver.

Common questions

Not at all. Energybit is software agnostic, meaning that we can provide our service with your current monitoring and ticketing system. Nevertheless, if you want to install or switch to another software due to specific needs, we are happy to assist you, make recommendations based on our experience and oversee the installation and transfer of data.

We have trained, dedicated engineers to monitor your systems around the clock, ensuring increased efficiency, minimum reaction time and reduced asset downtime risk. We ensure by providing unfiltered information to everyone involved, that your service providers work to safeguard your interest and we introduce a layer of transparency and management excellence between stakeholders.

To effectively deliver on our promises and optimise the added value you get from our service we have developed a digital cloud based platform, Energybit T.Box  Our platform consists of initially four applications which cut through the noise and offer practical solutions to simple but time consuming problems. Our applications consist of the Docs to receive thorough reports, Fault Finder to identify any technical faults in equipment, Dispatch for ticketing and finally Benchmarking to check how your assets perform based on industry data.

Energybit was inspired and created by industry experts, who recognised the gap in the market and opted to create a solution to address their own needs. We truly understand the core problems of our clients and the long-term value that data and information management can provide. We start by making sure that the data you receive is validated and managed efficiently. Data are interpreted in meaningful information which helps you take effective decisions.

We add no extra cost within the service provision cycle but rather offer optimisation and transparency by making sure that all involved parties are working towards the best interest of the asset owner.

We basically mean TRANSPARENCY. Our aim is to change the current linear model, where information flow only on-way, with major disruptions, data mishandling and lack of valuable insights. We envision data in the center of everything, accessible by anyone involved and handled to produce meaningful reports and calls-to-action. We make sure that service providers do not mark their own work. We do that by utilizing your existing monitoring and ticketing system by integrating your systems onto our control room. The know-how and accumulated experience of our engineers are at your disposal.

In the era of digitalisation, we see no limitations on the site’s location. We partner up with any asset owner and can monitor sites worldwide. Feel free to contact us and structure a plan based on your needs.


We monitor from small system to large. From domestic portfolios to commercial and utility scale installations across solar and onshore wind

“Independent” is the key word here. Currently O&Ms are handling all the data and at the same time report back to the Asset Owners and Asset Managers without a third party overseeing the validity of information provided. In the current linear management model, asset owners lack full visibility to the system data and information. Multiple service providers have access to fragments of data, providing only a partial picture of asset operations. Under the current business model, reporting and data is just a box ticking exercise. Energybit is here to change that by calibrating the sensors which allow for validated data and acting as an intermediary alongside the current contractors and service providers.I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

We start by understanding your needs and where your current system is failing. We put forward your needs and support your decision making with the use of transparent processes and data. Just give us a call or write us an email to schedule a 10-minute chat with one of our experts. We are happy to walk you through the details and answer all the questions you might have. Let’s discuss how you can benefit from our services, saving money and valuable time.