ENERGYBIT empowers renewable energy companies to seamlessly oversee the entire lifecycle of their assets from a single, unified interface. Your data is always secure and your plants are monitored with ENERGYBIT!

Four Step Process.

The Energybit team consists of people with extensive experience in the sector. We truly understand the core problems of our clients. We have developed a simple four step process in order to provide comprehensive, fully transparent, customisable solutions with minimum disruption to clients’ operations. 

All our solutions can work both independently or alongside the existing asset management / O&M teams and contractors, giving them greater insight on the assets and providing key information to prompt actions.

Bridging the Gap.

Energybit has identified major Information Gaps and data flow disruptions. In the current linear management moldel, asset owners lack full control of the system data and information. Multiple service providers have access to fragments of data, providing only a partial picture of asset operations. Once data has been used, it is filed or under-utilised without being integrated in a full data management system that could provide a consistent historic overview of the performance and health of the assets. 

In contrast to this, the level of complexity, with a variety of stakeholders (PPA providers, power Off-takers, Grid Operators, financiers, etc) has significantly increased. At Energybit we bridge the gaps and minimise the data flow disruptions by engineering solutions which provide a complete picture and a holistic data-driven intelligent management approach to any renewable energy generating plant.

How we are going to deliver.

Common questions

Energybit’s platform is designed to streamline data management in the energy sector. It centralizes information, facilitates data organization, and provides tools for efficient data retrieval and analysis.

Energybit’s platform is flexible and can manage various types of data related to your projects and portfolio, including production data, permitting data, land area, costs and expenses, and other operational metrics.

Energybit offers comprehensive support for clients, including assistance with the initial setup, training sessions for effective platform usage, and ongoing customer support to address any queries or challenges related to data management.

The EnergyBit platform is designed to provide comprehensive solutions for your entire organization. Upon purchasing the platform, it will be accessible to all authorized users within your organization. This inclusive approach ensures that every relevant team member can leverage the platform’s features, fostering collaboration and maximizing the benefits of streamlined data management across your organization.

Absolutely. The EnergyBit platform is designed to offer comprehensive management capabilities across various technologies within the energy sector, including solar, wind, storage, and hydro. With our platform, you can seamlessly integrate and manage data from multiple sources, providing you with a holistic view of your diverse energy assets. This versatility allows you to efficiently oversee and optimize operations across different technologies within your energy portfolio.

Our platform allows you to choose the user rights for each member of your organization.

Security and privacy are paramount in Energybit’s operational solutions. The platform employs robust encryption protocols and follows industry best practices to safeguard sensitive data. User privacy and compliance with data protection regulations are fundamental aspects of Energybit’s approach.

We start with a free consultation! We put forward your needs and support your decision-making with the use of transparent processes and data. Just give us a call or write us an email to schedule a 10-minute chat with one of our experts. We are happy to walk you through the details and answer all the questions you might have. Let’s discuss how you can benefit from our services, saving money and valuable time.

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