Energybit is an energy technology company, made by renewable energy experts for the renewable energy industry. Our applications provide hands-on solutions addressing long-lasting issues of the Renewable Energy Industry through Data Management, Visualisation, Validation, and Analysis.

The need for specialized software

The renewable energy industry is overgrowing, but a lack of specialized software hinders development projects. Managers are forced to juggle numerous Excel files in different formats, making reporting and decision-making difficult.


This fragmented approach disrupts project progression from concept to implementation and can lead to the loss of critical information, particularly when employees leave without proper knowledge transfer. This inefficiency results in missed opportunities and delays.

ENERGY T.BOX is meticulously designed to revolutionize how renewable energy projects are planned, developed, and executed.

The software will empower you to navigate the complex journey from greenfield to operating projects with ease.

  • Unified platform for all project data.
  • Enhanced reporting and decision-making.
  • Knowledge transfer and information retention.
  • Seamless project progression from concept to implementation.

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“I want you to think about data as the next natural resource.”

Virginia Rometty, IBM CEO in a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations, 2013

Asset Centric Information Flow.

Moving from the current linear information flow towards an asset centric data mining and information management approach.

How we Deliver

Who can benefit from EnergyBit

Streamline your operations, enhance efficiency, and maximize the performance of your renewable energy assets with our innovative software. Make data-driven decisions, optimize workflows, and ensure the success of your projects with Energybit.

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