Energybit was created by a team of seasoned renewable energy experts who have worked on the sector since 2006. The solutions are made for professionals by professionals with deep understanding on how to capture, validate and interpret data allowing for intelligent decisions.


Monitoring Software Agnostic. No need to buy New Software & Tools. 24/7 Control Services.

Energybit Monitoring

Monitoring, Data Capture and Validation.
Total, independent, Monitoring Service, utilising existing software platforms to perform 24/7, 365 Monitoring of your assets with trained, experienced, engineers.

Real Time Remote Monitoring, customised levels of analysis, tailor-made reporting, alarm management & ticketing, Sensor Calibration and Comms Management.

Energybit Synthesis

Data Analysis.
Enables Intelligent Asset Management by providing a complete picture of the asset. Data from multiple sources are combined and interpreted on a single cloud-based platform.

Enhanced data analytics to component level (GAP Analysis, Component Bench-marking, Knowledge Dissemination to different levels of the Team). Sensor Management and Calibration. Energybit Monitoring services included.

Energybit Enhance

Data Analysis and Active Intervention.
Complete Asset Analysis and advisory service for optimisation and enhancements. Improvement suggestions based on data analysis and asset performance over a period of time.

Energybit generates scheduled reports checking key KPIs and suggests solutions with full cost/benefit analysis to the asset owners. Energybit Monitoring and Synthesis services included.

Specialised Solutions.

Energybit: Data Reliability
  • Industrial Modem Installation
  • Datalogger installation
  • Annual Comms Diagnostics &

Problem: One of the most common issues within a park is communication failure. This can happen due to many reasons, like under specified hardware, temperature, lack of software and firmware updates and others.

Gain: With EnergyBit Data Reliability we provide an initial assessment on the equipment that should be installed during the design phase of the plant or we propose the necessary upgrades on operational plant. Following that we provide a clear annual comms diagnostics and maintenance plan to keep the equipment working and safeguard the data.

EnergyBit: Benchmarking
  • Client Dashboard
  • Owner’s Assets Benchmarking
  • Anonymous Benchmarking compared
    with other sites on the same area.

Problem: In many cases asset owners are lacking the capability to have basic benchmarking on Key Performance Indicators. Even when they do it within their own portfolio, they have lack knowledge on how they perform against a benchmark or others.

Gain: Energybit Benchmarking is a tool which allows asset owners to benchmark their own portfolio, but also check their performance against other sites within the platform anonymously. This provides an insights on how their sites are operating and strong indications on possible interventions and improvements they should be planning on under-performing assets.

EnergyBit: Sensor Installation & Calibration
  • Sensor installation
  • Sensor Calibration
  • Sensor Maintenance

Problem: Sensors are an integral part of any generating asset. They provide key information on asset performance and are key on data validation. Any asset with consistent historic validated data provides better capabilities for predictive decision making on its operation but also increases its value on any financial transactional event.

Gain: Energybit can advise on the number and correct installation of sensors on each asset during the design stage. We work with top sensor manufacturers to provide the best suited solutions for our clients. By assessing the specifics of each asset, we propose a different range of sensors from Pyranometer, to soiling sensors. Even after the initial installation or on existing assets we make sure that the sensors are always calibrated and provide the information necessary for all stakeholders to meet their contractual obligations and help the owners base their decisions on validated data.

EnergyBit: Cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity Site Assessment
  • Recommendations on equipment and
    systems upgrades
  • Creation of Cybersecurity Policy & Protocols

Problem: Most sites and communication equipment were installed by the EPC and the monitoring system providers without a detailed assessment on the threats and the long term security issues that the assets may have. There is no policy or protocols for cybersecurity both on the asset side as well as on the user side (i.e. O&M, Asset Manager, Asset Owner). The risk for loss of generation and more significantly loss of data is critical and shouldn’t be under-estimated.

Gain: Energybit undertakes a detailed risk assessment providing  clients with a clear understanding of the potential cyber security risks. By understanding the risk you will be able to act based on information driven decision making. Risk is not just about technology. We look at Cybersecururity based on people, premises, processes, policies, systems and governance. Following the review, we provide a Risk Mitigation and Compliance report providing a clear way forward with actions across the key areas mentioned above.

EnergyBit: Inspect
  • Drone inspections
  • Creation of Virtual Walkthroughs.
  • Physical and Electrical Inspection
    – Fault Recording

Problem: Inspections are critical for all operational assets. An inspection plan prevents the late identification of the faults and provide regular information about the performance and the health of each generating asset. A common issue is that once expensive inspections are carried out, this information is not consolidated in a single platform, the information down the line is lost without historic evidence of what happened or record of the corrective actions that follow to rectify a fault.

Gain: Energybit works with inhouse engineering resources and trusted partners to deliver inspections, create virtual walkthroughs for inspection purposes and also provide the inspections themselves. Every information is captured and stored to our digital Energybit ToolBox Platform which helps the owners have the historic evidence of what happened on their assets and the corrective actions that took place.


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